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Road Trip Recap: Bioskills Training Mobile Lab Debut Highlights

The rubber met the road literally at the OLC Mobile Training Lab’s debut at the AOSSM-AANA 2021 combined Annual Meeting in July! The event theme: ‘Partnership. Teamwork. Cooperation. Collaboration.’ highlighted the significant milestones celebrated throughout the week: AOSSM’s 49th anniversary and AANA’s 39th anniversary. The synergistic expertise of two esteemed organizations and their traditions, along with the successful debut of the OLC Mobile Training Lab made this year’s event an extraordinary experience for all who joined.

Attendees from all over gathered together in Nashville to learn the latest advancements in sports medicine and arthroscopy. Throughout the week-long event complete with session handouts and recordings, guests also participated in comprehensive workshops, exhibits and events with renowned leaders in their field, including Michael G. Ciccotti, MD, Mark H. Getelman, MD, Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA, Alan M. Getgood, MD, FRCS, Robert G. Marx, MD, MSc, FRCSC and Heisman Trophy winner, NFL legend, Eddie George.

Adding further excitement to the event program was the debut of the new OLC Mobile Lab and its fully-immersive lab experiences! Throughout each of the five mobile lab demos live streamed into educational sessions, esteemed surgeons  Anthony Romeo, MD, Michael Pagnani, MD, Matthew Provencher, MD, Volker Musahl, MD, Neal ElAttrache, MD demonstrated innovative techniques in our self-contained, sterilized, and state-of-the-art simulated operating room space. Vericel also hosted a MACI lab and hands-on demo on knee cartilage restoration, led by Brian Waterman, MD.

Designed as a traveling interactive resource to complement the necessity of lab instruction the mobile lab allows physicians, surgeons and medical professionals from around the world to further advance and enhance their surgical skills. Our innovative lab experience offers ‘responsible convenience’ by recreating an authentic, completely self-contained bioskills training laboratory that’s seamless to conduct simulated procedures within a safe, sterilized training environment by offering:

  • 1,100 sq. ft. of “real-world” simulated operating room space
  • 6 multiple training stations
  • Bioskills procedure tables
  • Surgical grade instruments
  • Gowning rooms
  • C-arm imaging systems
  • Integrated audio and visual capabilities
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Tool washing and sterilization equipment
  • Self-contained power generation and water and waste containment
  • Specimen management and storage

Every successful event requires ‘partnership, teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.’ From the OLC Mobile Training Lab debut to the combined synergies of AOSSM and AANA, the success of the OLC Mobile Training Lab concept and debut is only a success because of the skilled team of lab managers and coordinators here at OLC that went to Nashville – Lisé Puckorius, James Konrad, Ellen Kaimakis and Frank Contacessi – that worked passionately behind the scenes. We appreciate all that they continue to do to carry out the vision that our mobile lab events are conducted in a world-class clinical setting, responsibly, seamlessly and smoothly.

To learn more about how the OLC Education & Conference Center Mobile Training Lab can enhance your next Bioskills training experience, feel free to reach out to us!

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