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Association Forum Holds Safe and Successful Hybrid Board Meeting

After many months into the pandemic, and various lessons learned, Association Forum was ready to get back to safely meeting in-person. A hybrid meeting option was the perfect solution to bridge the gap between on-site and virtual. In October of 2020, Association Forum held a hybrid Board of Directors meeting at the OLC.

Forum’s board has 13 members, and in-person attendance was at the discretion of each individual. Seven board members chose to attend in person and another six joined virtually. Michelle Mason, CEO and President of Association Forum, joined in-person and some facilitators joined virtually.

OLC was thrilled to help plan an efficient hybrid event and share the strict safety protocols and preparation measures to ensure the attendees felt safe on-site. Social distancing was enforced in all common areas and conference rooms, a new and separate OLC entrance was designated outside the building and pre-packaged food was provided.

Association Forum shared the following key takeaways from the board’s hybrid meeting experience:

  • Choose the right venue
  • Set expectations around the experience
  • Rethink your greetings, refreshments and attire

“Meeting hybrid got us back to a small sense of normalcy,” said Geoffrey Brown, CAE, CEO of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and Chair of Forum’s board. “It felt less clinical because there were bodies in the room. In virtual meetings we would just check items off the agenda, but in the hybrid environment, we can stand aside and talk things out during a break,”

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